Envirospray 300 |

Envirospray 300 is a seamless monolithic insulation system which is sprayed directly on to steel, wood, masonry, tile, glass and most other surfaces.
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Enviropanel |

Enviropanel is a wall cavity system utilizing sprayed cellulose fibre as an infill.
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Supacell |

Supacell is an environmentally responsible recycled insulation easily installed above ceilings (normally to a depth of 100mm) primarily to ensure thermal control.
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Envirobatt |

Envirobatt is our standard foil installation backed batt designed for use above suspended or T-bar ceilings.
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Envirospray 300

Envirospray 300 is a seamless monolithic insulation system which is sprayed directly on to steel, wood, masonry, tile, glass and most other surfaces. Tha special co-polymer bonding agent and surface primer ensures expansion and contraction parameters can be met without any adverse effect on the Envirospray 300 insulation system in the long term. Additionally, this system of application allows the insulation to mold into and seamlessly conform with designed and intended architectural shapes and curves completely maintaining the structure's integrity.

Temperature Control

Envirospray 300 applied as a monolithic seal along with its hollow interlaced fibres provides an outstanding barrier to heat and cold, as our certified test results indicate. Envirospray 300 can be successfully applied across the entire natural temperature spectrum and is suited to rooms requiring rigid and specific environmental control. It’s primary benefit is to substantially reduce cooling and heating costs for any structure in which is applied.

Acoustic Control

Envirospray 300 is world recognized as a superlative acoustic performer for the control of reverberation and sound transmission loss. It can be applied at a recommended minimum thickness of 25mm. which boasts an absorption co efficient of .75% (see specifications & test report) This amounts to 75% of all reverberation being absorbed.

Rain noise Control

Envirospray 300 applied at 30mm. (1 1 /4 ”) to the underside of metal deck roofs reduces rain noise up to 17db ensuring ease of communication and creating a quieter environment conducive to higher productivity without external noise interference.

Condensation Control

Envirospray 300 will alleviate all condensation due to the system’s unique ability to separate hot & cold surfaces which are susceptible to condensation.


Application to underside of roof, ceiling or wall makes it possible to install retrofit and renovation properties without additional cost and inconvenience or requiring access from above or behind.

Lifetime Expectancy

We guarantee our product for a full 10 years from the date of installation. Of note is the fact that several structures we have applied this system to in Australia have the product fully functional 30 years after installation, with absolutely no maintenance required during that whole time!

Select Language | ไทย | English |Cellulose Fibre |

Our Cellulose Fibre is manufactured from recycled paper which constitutes at least75% of our base product. In addition, two natural boron chemicals are introduced to ensure complete fire safety and insecticidal properties.
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Home Insulation Basics |

As energy prices soar worldwide, premiums are placed on energy efficient design and systems that promote energy related cost savings. Your home, work space, factory or warehouse will be more comfortable and energy efficient with the right insulation.
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