Envirospray 300 |

Envirospray 300 is a seamless monolithic insulation system which is sprayed directly on to steel, wood, masonry, tile, glass and most other surfaces.
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Enviropanel |

Enviropanel is a wall cavity system utilizing sprayed cellulose fibre as an infill.
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Supacell |

Supacell is an environmentally responsible recycled insulation easily installed above ceilings (normally to a depth of 100mm) primarily to ensure thermal control.
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Envirobatt |

Envirobatt is our standard foil installation backed batt designed for use above suspended or T-bar ceilings.
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Enviropanel is a wall cavity system utilizing sprayed cellulose fibre as an infill. We at Natural Insulation 2009 Co., Ltd. specialize in designing and installing cellulose fibre into wall systems that provide unparalleled, advanced, high quality thermal (R value) and acoustic (STC) solutions. Our field achievements and laboratory testing results ensure Enviropanel surpasses required specifications.



High STC.

With our ability to achieve a 100% No Gap insulator and a naturally higher density than other comparable products Enviropanel ensures that STC levels as high as STC 55 can be obtained with a single wall system and STC 81 with a composite wall system.

Note on STC :  High STC values equate to less noise transmitted through the wall or ceiling (see chart page). A Decibel (dB) is the unit measure of sound level pressure intensity.

Fire Rating.

A 2 hour 120/120/120 wall system result can be achieved using Enviropanel with a

1 x 13mm sheet on each side.

Total Insect Control

Chemicals introduced during manufacture make it permanently not possible for roaches, silverfish, moths, termites and other invertebrate to inhabit treated cellulose.


As a lightweight infill core, renovations including partitions can be achieved without the need for concern over weight to floor ratios.

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Our Cellulose Fibre is manufactured from recycled paper which constitutes at least75% of our base product. In addition, two natural boron chemicals are introduced to ensure complete fire safety and insecticidal properties.
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As energy prices soar worldwide, premiums are placed on energy efficient design and systems that promote energy related cost savings. Your home, work space, factory or warehouse will be more comfortable and energy efficient with the right insulation.
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